Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bubbles Storytime!

Do your own children's storytime about Bubbles!!!  Great to talk about water, the coean, or just taking a bath!

To the TubTO THE TUB. Anderson, Peggy.

In this sequel to Time for Bed, the Babysitter Said, froggie won't take his bath.

THE DIRTY LITTLE BOY. Brown, Margaret Wise.
A new, illustrated version of Wise's story, where a little boy copies the bathing practices of various animals. I like this one a lot!
Strega Nona sends home candy and bubble bath while on vacation, and Big Anthony get stuck with too many bubbles! Get a great audio CDof it here.

THING! Inkpen, Mick.
Kipper finds a gadget that blows bubbles. Very whimsical and fun!

DAD'S CAR WASH. Sutherland, Harry. 
Dad makes bathtime fun when he pretends it is a car wash for kids.

SHOW AND TELL.  Woodruff, Elvira.
Andy brings magic bubbles for show and tell.

TUBTIME.  Woodruff, Elvira.
Two sisters share an unusual bubble bath full of animals.

NO BATH TONIGHT! Ziefert, Harriet.
A little boy stalls at bathtime by wondering if various animals are hiding in the bath.

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